Christ Returns, Speaks His Truth.

Christ Returns"Believe and you will receive, you only need to believe!! Do not doubt."
The author of this book is not mentioned by name but only as the recorder. It is left up to us to decide whether we accept the words or not.
If it is really Christ talking to us or not I think it is of no significance! If we can relate to the teachings and find them useful somehow is what matters. So take the words in this book as you like!
Much like Abraham and Ester Hicks here we have the Christ consciousness speaking to us through the RECORDER. The person who is receiving the message from Christ consciousness is not really known as the Christ consciousness wishes for us to decide whether we want to trust the teachings without it being related to someone in a human form.
The teachings are mainly clarifying the teachings of the bible. Christ consciousness explains what really happened to him while on earth in the form of Jesus Christ. The miracles mentioned in the bible are also explained as well as the meaning of his crucifixion. The words of these letters must be taken into meditation in order to be better understood by the subconscious mind.
As he says, he has not come to bring us new religion but to help those of us who are ready and wish to make pure contact with the divine presence and therefore raise our vibrational frequencies in order to enjoy abundant lives. He tells us what is binding us in the present condition of our life.
It is interesting that these teachings have come to us from different sources. Religion leaders, then added their salt and paper or even changed them partially to fit their agendas misleading people or creating fanaticism. If we look closer and filter out the extra added relishes we find that the core of Buddhism, Muslim, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, Alchemy e.t.c. is the same!

Partial Quote from the recorder explaining what these letters refer to.

"These LETTERS are the seeds of the future spiritual evolution of humankind. 'For I tell you truly, the more time and meditation you devote to these Letters, the more will it become possible for you to receive higher inspiration and instruction from me, personally, because with every reading of these Letters, the more will your own frequencies of consciousness be raised towards my spiritual consciousness frequencies - and eventually we will be able to reach a true meeting place of consciousness....."